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Morning NFL Game Thread: Three Big Matchups To Watch

The 49ers do not play until later tonight, so for the next seven hours we get to enjoy the NFL schedule of non-49ers games. That can make for a long day, but hopefully you can make it through alright.

Today's morning schedule features a fair number of potential stinkers, but also a few fun matchups that should give us some food for thought over the coming days. The three most interesting morning matchups would have to be Ravens-Eagles, Bucs-Giants and Saints-Panthers.

Those are the three games where I think you could realistically pick either team to grab the victory. Ravens-Eagles is the one I am looking forward to most because I want to see if Joe Flacco can put together a second straight strong performance. I really like him coming into this season and he looked strong last week. If he can do it again on the road in Philly, I think we'll see more believers.

While Ravens-Eagles intrigues me the most from a player perspective, the latter two games are big from a standings perspective. The Giants struggled at the start of last season, but an 0-2 start is not something they want to be dealing with this year. And I think the Bucs can go into the Meadowlands and snatch a victory. The same holds true for the Saints, except they have to head on the road to Carolina. I think both of these games are toss-ups at this point.

We'll be back after lunch with a new game thread for the 1:05 and 1:25pm starts.