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Afternoon NFL Game Thread: Perpetual Parity Continues

Even as teams like the Arizona Cardinals take the New England Patriots to the wire, can we really be surprised at this point? Certain teams are generally much better than other teams, but week-in and week-out we see tight battles and huge upsets that leave us shaking our head.

As we head into the afternoon, we've got a host of interesting matchups. The Seattle Seahawks host a solid Dallas Cowboys team in a game I think the Seahawks can win. I picked the Seahawks to win a game where I just have a hunch the Cowboys are due for a letdown. It is certainly no guarantee, but mostly just a hunch.

The Rams host the Washington Redskins who have quickly become the nation's darling behind Robert Griffin III. He looked strong last week, but I'm very curious to see how the Rams game-plan for him, and how he responds to more defensive game-planning.

We've got plenty of excitement left in the AM games, but I wanted to get an afternoon thread together to take us to the inactive report at approximately 4:50pm PT.