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49ers Lead Lions 14-6 At Halftime

We are through one half of play at Candlestick Park, and our San Francisco 49ers hold a 14-6 lead. The 49ers have really dominated this game in every way but the score. Of course, as Jim Harbaugh said last week, points are the most important stat. The Lions have 112 total yards of offense, but they have not been able to get much of anything going, and they still only trail by a touchdown and two point conversion.

As we head into the second half, the 49ers offense will need to find that first series magic. On the 48ers first offensive drive of the game, they moved 67 yards in four plays with a 29-yard Mario Manningham reverse, a 17-yard pass to Michael Crabtree and a 21-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis.

Since then, the 49ers offense has stalled out for the most part. They got a touchdown thanks in part to a running into the kicker penalty and end zone pass interference call. On the 49ers final offensive drive of the half, they picked up a pair of first downs and got as far as the Detroit 41 before punting.

The Lions have not quite been able to get things going as even though they are moving down the field, they have stalled out twice near the red zone. The 49ers can't let this team hang around because they are one big play from potentially evening this game back up.