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49ers Vs. Lions: Defense, Timely Offense Key 49ers To Victory

Well, then. The 49ers improved to 2-0 Sunday evening as they handled their business and leave Candlestick Park with a 27-19 victory over their media-made nemesis, the Detroit Lions. In reality the game should never have really been this close. Alex Smith was 20 of 31 for 226 yards, but seven of those incompletions were drops. There will be drops in every game, but there were several ugly drops. They convert a few of those drops and the 49ers potentially win this game by three scores.

Although the receivers, running backs and tight ends were struggling at times, there were big plays from all three types of receivers. I think the star of the game alongside Alex Smith has to be Michael Crabtree. As Alex said after the game, Crabs didn't get the touchdowns, but he was the work-horse on offense. Crabtree finished the game with six receptions for 67 yards. What is spectacular about that performance is that five of the six catches resulted in first downs, and the last three were all on third down. Vernon Davis had the high profile plays, but Crabtree was absolutely crucial to the team's success.

In reality this game should not have been this close. While Calvin Johnson made some plays, the 49ers controlled this game. Some hiccups in execution were the difference between a game that came down to an onside kick, and a game that could have been a three score difference. I know we'll see improvement, so I can live with those problems tonight. For now, the 49ers are 2-0 and the NFC West just went 4-0 with some incredibly impressive victories!

We'll be back with plenty more, but in the meantime, Jim Harbaugh will be chatting with the media soon over at Oh, and head after the jump for a GIF treat.

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