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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Falcons Vs. Broncos

We are back for Week 2 of Monday Night Football, featuring a fairly compelling matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos. Monday Night Football has often gotten some pretty bad matchups, but this is a strong matchup, and one of the better of Week 2. The Falcons had little trouble with the Chiefs last week, while the Broncos blew up in the fourth quarter to take care of the Steelers.

It is far too early to declare anybody favorites for anything (wouldn't want to jinx, right?), but these are two teams that will likely be sticking around well into January. Both offenses look like they could be quite explosive, which should make for a fun game tonight. Considering this game is indoors at the Georgia Dome, I have to think we could be looking at quite the track meet between these two offenses. We're talking about some strong receiving talent, so fingers crossed for a fun game.