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Aldon Smith Was In A Serious Car Accident On Friday, According To Report

Fooch's Update: It sounds like even the driver was not hurt.

I'm not quite sure how this stayed under the radar for several days, but Matt Barrows is reporting that Aldon Smith was in a fairly serious car accident on Friday night. Smith was a passenger in a car that swerved to avoid a deer. Although Smith had to get stitches on a cut over his eye, the driver reportedly suffered a broken back. California Highway Patrol said alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

We (and Aldon, of course) can thank our lucky stars that Smith emerged relatively unscathed. Car accidents can be so crazy with how one person gets seriously hurt and another escapes relatively unscathed. Smith was in the lineup on Sunday night and played all 65 defensive snaps, so he was likely mostly just shaken up.

The 49ers are back in practice tomorrow and we'll have an updated injury report. I don't see any reason we'll see him on the report given that he played Sunday and appeared to have no problems.