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Golden Nuggets: Clark Haggans Suspended 3 Games; 49ers Top Power Rankings

I know how much everyone loves their morning Nuggets, and I hate to do this to you guys, but you're getting a strictly link version this morning. That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm up for a big promotion at work and have to prepare for the interview which is tomorrow. They switched it a forward a day on very late notice so I've got to get crackin'. I'd like a ton of good lucks when I wake up tomorrow morning in the comments. Thanking you in advance....

In the non-Aaron world there was a bit of bad news all around. Steve Sabol of NFL Films passed away and his legacy is enormous. I can remember watching NFL Films and they're what taught me about the older players. Our recent OLB acquisition Clark Haggans was suspended for 3 games for his previous DUI. We knew that was a risk when we signed him, but most observers were a bit surprised. He hasn't played a snap yet, so it should be too hard to find his replacement for the the 3 games. And, did you hear, Aldon Smith was in a serious car accident over the weekend? He's fine. Everyone was fine. He played a helluva game. And the last item before the jump is the AP Pro32 power rankings comments. The rankings themselves are down the page. But the comments are wonderful. Most pundits see us as dominating and intimidating and think that Alex Smith is the real deal. It's nice to get an outside opinion every so often. One note: all writers have us at No. 1 except the Dallas writer. Don't know who leads his list, though.... on to the links.

LB Clark Haggans suspended 3 games for DUI. (CBS Sports)

Aldon Smith involved in car accident over the weekend. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Jed York statement on Steve Sabol. (

AP Pro32 comments about the 49ers. (Yahoo!)

NFL power rankings, week 3: All hail the 49ers. (SB Nation)

NFL power rankings, week 3: NFC teams dominate the top. (Philly SB Nation)

Aldon Smith focused on football, 49ers look ahead to Vikings. (Gin)

Rest of NFC West follows 49ers' lead. (BASG)

Cards, 49ers and OLB scene minus Haggans. (Sando)

Randy Moss watch: 49ers fine when he's on the field. (Sando)

NFL power rankings: How they voted. (Sando)

Frank Gore: 49ers season 'just feels a lot different'. (CBS Sports)

Harbaugh says Randy Moss won't be a headache. (Branch)

Frank Gore keeps rolling along. (NBC Bay Area)

49ers, Texans now Super Bowl betting favs; Saints 60-1. (USA Today)

49ers clearly finding their motivational mojo. (

49ers defensive player-by-player review. (Maiocco)

Power rankings: 49ers grind their way to the top. (Yahoo!)

5 things we've learned about the 49ers so far. (SFGate)

Aldon Smith played (and played well), despite car-crash injury. (Inman)

Week 2 49ers MVP standings. (Cohn)

49ers offensive player-by-player review. (Maiocco)

NFP Week 3 power rankings. (Yahoo!)

49ers take top spot on AP Pro32 power rankings. (Yahoo!)

Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree seize the night. (

Phil Simms: "Alex Smith has grown into a man." (Branch)

Joe Staley, Alex Smith pair up as 'The Nose Bros.' (Inman)

Matt Ryan, C.J. Spiller, Alex Smith early leaders in MVP race. (

Tarell Brown fined $5,250 for "red undergarment sleeves." (ProFootballTalk)

Frank Gore does the dirty work. (

Brian Jennings celebrates twice. (

Podcast: Win in MIN? Not so fast. (

49ers anticipate Vikings best shot. (

Sorry for the rushed approach. There's no grouping or any kind of coherency. I've got to dust my suit off and brush my tooth and what not. I'll be back tomorrow with a promotion and a BIG Nuggets.

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