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Patrick Willis Vs. Adrian Peterson: Prediction? Paaaaiiiin

Adrian Peterson took part in a conference call earlier this morning, and while I missed the call, the beat writers had plenty of posts about it (Branch, Inman, Barrows, Maiocco). AP has faced the 49ers twice in his career with varied success. In his first matchup as a rookie in 2007, Peterson was held to three yards on 14 carries. Prior to that game in Week 13, Peterson had two games of 200+ yards and another four games of 100+ yards. In 2009, Peterson rushed 19 times for 85 yards.

In the conference call, per Barrows, Peterson addressed a big hit he received from Patrick Willis. Peterson claimed he was cutting and nobody can bowl over Peterson if they are not going forward with a full head of steam. If this video Barrows tweeted out is the play in question, AP might be trying to forget what actually happened.

Leslie Frazier also conducted a conference call and both he and AP talked about how committed the Vikings are to running the ball, and how the 49ers have not faced a team like that in their first two games.

In facing the Packers and Lions thus far, the 49ers have moved away from their base 3-4 defense. Although they have played as more of a passing defense, their athleticism has allowed them to contain the run against both teams. This game will provide the next "test" for the 49ers as we will get to see more of their base defense. I have faith in the rush defense but it will provide an opportunity to see what the base pass defense looks like.

As for Adrian Peterson? He might get some solid numbers, but I think we all know the prediction for how he'll feel by the end of the game....