Methinks #84 is not a happy camper

Lifted without permission from Miaocco's offensive player review comments thread, some dude called 559ninerfan said:<blockquote>I was at the San Fran and Detroit game on Sunday and sat 7 rows up behind the niners bench. When Davis scored his 2nd TD in the 4th quarter, I watched Moss walk back to the bench while everyone else was celebrating and he threw his helmet to the ground as hard as he could in disgust. It is obvious he is already disgruntled and I can't find any mention of this in any columns or blogs. Has anyone seen anything written about this?</blockquote>Now, I wasn't at the game, and to my knowledge this hasn't been independently verified. But there was something I did see on the broadcast that lends a fair bit of credence to this account. In particular, the camera was on Harbaugh as he was welcoming his guys back after that play, and you could see Harbaugh congratulating Moss, while Moss walked right past him without making eye contact or breaking stride. Harbaugh actually looked mildly distressed to me. If anyone has the game on tape and can put together that GIF that would be helpful.

Let's be honest here though, would this surprise anyone? I'm sure Harbaugh made no promises to Moss, but I'd be willing to bet Moss would claim he'd been misled. Given who he is, and the fact that he's still clearly got skills, I'm sure he feels entitled to #2 receiver level snaps/targets at a minimum, and probably feels that Harbaugh led him to believe if he showed up and worked hard, and showed that he was a team guy and could still play, etc. that he'd be getting those opportunities. As it is he's getting #4 receiver level opportunities. And something tells me he doesn't see himself as being that limited a role player.

Given how well the good ship 49ers has been going, how critical team chemistry has been to their success the last year plus, and how clearly Randy helps this team when he's out there, obviously this is a concern at this point. I would hope that if there were any truth to this, as there definitely appears to be, Harbaugh will have diagnosed the problem and set about working out an understanding with Moss- possibly to have gotten his buy-in on a plan that includes more pt, or short of that to at least have given him an ultimatum and an opportunity to plot his exit if he doesn't accede to it, so he doesn't become that distracting/disturbing influence many of us feared when he signed in the offseason.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll be watching this closely. With fingers crossed.

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