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Niners Nation And YouTube

One area where Niners Nation has been a bit less active has been in video, both in terms of producing video, and curating video from around the Internet. There is some great content out there that would provide some entertainment for the community and it's not getting properly utilized.

In recent months I have started doing a bit more video, as you saw with the road games preview and training camp position battle preview. I'll be getting together more content like that, but we are looking ways to provide other video content. One thing I did on Monday was a Google+ Hangout with Gerry Mallory of Pride of Detroit. In the hangout, we discussed the 49ers win over the Lions and looked ahead to upcoming matchups.

Tonight at 5:00 p.m. PT, I'll be doing something similar with Christopher Gates of Daily Norseman. We will break down the game and discuss some of the issues and news surrounding the game. The plan is to start doing this kind of preview every week and keep y'all somewhat entertained.

This video will be embedded in a FanShot here, but it will also live at the Niners Nation YouTube page. The page is fairly quiet right now but I'd like to build it up into a solid page with our own great content, but also curation of content from around YouTube. If you subscribe to the channel, the content we produce will be delivered right to your email.

In order to max out the channel, I need your help. I asked this on Twitter, but I want to ask here: do you have any 49ers related channels you keep an eye on, or subscribe to at YouTube? I found this channel with some interesting discussion, but am looking for more. Let me know if you are aware of any particular channels worth following. YouTube is loaded with content, but it is hard to sort through the crap to find good stuff, so help is needed. Thank!