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49ers Add OLB Clark Haggans

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The San Francisco 49ers have not yet made the move official, but just about everybody else has confirmed that the team has signed outside linebacker Clark Haggans, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals released Haggans on Friday and he worked out a deal with the 49ers yesterday.

Haggans has some administrative issues to deal with before the season starts as he faces a hearing with Commissioner Goodell to deal with a DUI conviction in Arizona from 2011. Haggans spent 48 hours in a Pennsylvania prison and served a seven-day work release at the prison (h/t to Cam Inman for the link).

At the time, Haggans agent indicated that Haggans had been at a concert when he received a worried call from his family babysitter, who said Haggans' 5-year old daughter was having trouble breathing. Haggans reportedly rushed from the concert and was pulled over by police on the way home. He was issued citations for extreme DUI, DUI, speeding and red-light violations. Haggans pled guilty to extreme DUI and said "in hindsight, I should have found another way home, and I take full responsibility for my actions."

Given the work of Goodell, I'd like to think that Haggans can avoid a suspension. The hearing is on Wednesday, but Matt Barrows reported that the matter is not expected to be resolved this week. The 49ers might need him in uniform on Sunday considering Parys Haralson's status remains up in the air. Haralson sat out the preseason finale and according to that Barrows link, he reportedly injured himself in the Broncos game the week before.

Matt Barrows shot out this tweet yesterday evening:

The 49ers guard injury news like nuclear secrets, so we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out in the coming days.