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NFL Coverage Map For Week 3

The fine folks at have published their latest NFL television coverage maps for Week 3. For those who have never been to, they provide maps breaking down where in the country every NFL game will be televised. The Internet is filled with a lot of useless information, but this is one thing that might be as useful as anything you will find.

This week, the 49ers will be on FOX, but for the first time this season, they will not be nationally broadcast. Week 1, they faced the Packers in the FOX Game of the Week. While the game was not broadcast in every part of the country, it hit a vast majority. In Week 2, the 49ers faced the Lions on Sunday Night Football, so everybody could watch it or check out

This week, the 49ers game will be broadcast throughout much of the West, as well as numerous North Central states. It appears that those in San Diego will be blacked out on FOX in the morning because the Chargers host the Falcons that night. The rest of California will get the 49ers, as will Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, most of Nevada and small parts of Nebraska.

If you are outside any of the viewing areas, check out our Sports Bar Thread and open discussion for where you plan to watch the game so others can check it out. I'm likely spending my Sunday at Crystal City Sports Pub in Virginia, but I haven't quite nailed that one down. It is only three blocks from me, and convenience is a big factor.