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Caption This: What Did You Just Ask Me?

Does it get much scarier? Thanks to Cam Inman via <a href="" target="new">49ersCam on Instagram</a>
Does it get much scarier? Thanks to Cam Inman via 49ersCam on Instagram

A couple days ago, Cam Inman used his 49ersCam Instagram account to tweet out this picture of Justin Smith following a quick Q&A Smith had with the media. Although Justin Smith is not giving a glare with the picture, I have a feeling that if he looked at me with anything but a smile and a laugh, I might be scared too death.

Everything about this picture inspires a little bit of fear in the opposition. I moved my laptop around and it seemed like Smith's eyes were following me the whole time. He wants to tackle me and stop me for a loss. I totally respect that desire, but it still scares the crap out of me.

Given Justin Smith's total commitment to football, what could possibly have been said to inspire such a look? In my mind he was asked something about if Adrian Peterson and the VIkings rushing attack will have success against the 49ers.

I suppose this can be a caption of what Justin Smith is thinking but it might be more fun to figure out what question or comment elicited this look from Cowboy.