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Vernon Davis Chats With TV49, Discusses Focus and Shares Perspective

San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis taking the field in Week 2 (2012) against the Detroit Lions. Photo, courtesy of TV49
San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis taking the field in Week 2 (2012) against the Detroit Lions. Photo, courtesy of TV49

Despite their dominant 2-0 start against two playoff teams from 2011, and despite being ranked No. 1 in NFL and’s latest Power Rankings, the San Francisco 49ers continue to stay humble.

The team is preparing for the Minnesota Vikings (1-1) in Week 3, as part of an upcoming two-game road trip that also includes the New York Jets.

Scott Kegley of TV49 sat down with 49ers tight end Vernon Davis in their "Weekly Conversation" segment. The two chatted for roughly five minutes, wherein Davis had a chance to clarify his continued focus, as well as his overall perspective on the team.

I went ahead and transcribed the interview and included a link to video. For Davis' comments, followed by a quick discussion, continue after the jump.

On 2-0 Start

It’s pretty big. We need that win. We’ve been through a lot here. And some of the guys we brought in like Randy [Moss] and [Mario] Manningham, they bring a lot to this team. They contribute in many ways, so very thankful to have those guys. We’re making strides but we must continue to keep our focus though.

On Potential for Offense

I see a bright future, bright future. Like I said, we must continue to keep our focus. The moment we get off track will be the moment we lose; the moment we lose everything. So we must keep a clear mind and continue to approach this thing with a winning attitude.

On Alex Smith

Alex has come a long way. He’s pretty much the focal point of this offense, because the way he plays, it’ll dictate the game, it can dictate the game in many ways. He is the guy with the ball. He’s pulling the trigger. And we look up to him; he’s a leader. He’s the guy that has a strong mind. I say that because he’s been through so much; he’s been up, he’s been down and he can still manage to hang in there. So I tip my hat off to Alex and I’m sure the rest of the team does as well.

On Upcoming Two-Game Road Trip

One game at a time, that’s all we can do. Take it one game at a time. And everything else will fall where it needs to fall. We can’t get ahead of ourselves. We cannot do that…we got to take it one game at a time, that’s all you can do, that’s how life is. You take life each day at a time, so why not take it one game at a time?

On Team Chemistry

Any time that we can spend with each other as a team is always good, because you get a chance to know that person much better – the person sitting next you, whether it’s on the bus or in the hotel, just lounging around. You build chemistry. And in a team environment, chemistry is very important. It’s probably one of the key components to being successful as a team. To me, I think it’s a unique thing that we get to spend time with each other on the road.

I continue to be impressed with the player and person that Davis has grown into. On the field, he's really blossomed into one of the elite players in this league. And off the field, he's a humble, warm-hearted person by all accounts. How many teams can say their tight end is not only one of the best players guaranteed to be on the field on any given day, but also a team leader?

His maturity, leadership and field presence has been a godsend for this team. Granted, the 49ers spent a high first round pick on him, but most still have to be thrilled with the final product -- I know I am.

Great teams require leadership and it seems like San Francisco has that everywhere. Aside from the coaches and Davis, veterans like Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Justin Smith and recently Donte Whitner and Michael Crabtree are all leading vocally and by example.

One just has to appreciate the collective focus and drive behind this team. This organization is truly a well-oiled machine.

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