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49ers Press Conference Live Stream: Jim Harbaugh

The 49ers wrap up their practice week with Jim Harbaugh's weekly Friday press conference at 1:15pm PT. The team has a morning practice, followed by Coach Harbaugh's Q&A, followed by some player availability in the locker room. After that, the team will be departing for Minnesota.

The 49ers face back-to-back road games against the Vikings and Jets, and will be turning this into a ten day road trip as they will hang out in Youngstown, Ohio for a few days. They did that last year in between their road games against the Bengals and Eagles. The team looked at it as a bonding experience of sorts. Whether it was a difference-maker is hard to tell, but things went pretty well after that, so maybe it mattered. The 49ers get another chance to see what they can get out of a team road trip.

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream.

49ers Press Conference