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NFL, Time Warner Reach Deal For This Weekend

Big news for those of you in Time Warner cable markets. The cable behemoth and the NFL have come to terms on a deal that will put the NFL Network and NFL Red Zone channel into the TWC lineup. Time Warner was the only major cable provider in the nation that did not have the NFL Network and Red Zone Channel included in their service. Considering they cover 12 million people, including New York City, that's kind of a big deal.

If you have Time Warner and have not been able to experience the glory that is the Red Zone channel, I highly encourage you to add the sports tier for this weekend. It is not the best for watching just the 49ers, but for the alternative time slot when the 49ers are not playing on Sunday, it is a true god-send. I enjoy football, but watching a single game can be a bit slow when it is not my 49ers. The Red Zone channel bounces around like nothing you have ever seen. When they quad-box four games at once, it is just a little bit ridiculous.

So if you now have the opportunity to get the Red Zone channel (or have had the chance and just haven't done it yet), do it!