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49ers Vs. Vikings Preview: Alex Smith And His Wide Receivers Riding High

Earlier this week, one of the producers at the SB Nation Studio asked if I wanted to put together some video for this weekend's matchup with the Vikings. He offered up some studio graphics and a little video content to really spruce it up. How could I say no?

I put together some video with my webcam and sent it off to the studio. They added some graphics and even plugged in a quick bit of video over top. All in all I continue to love the work they do. I'll be up in New York for the 49ers-Jets game and it sounds like I'll be able to put together some more video content while I'm up there. I'm not the most natural voice/face on camera, but any chance to talk about the 49ers is a good thing, right?

This particular video includes some thoughts on the 49ers passing attack thus far. The unit was considered a weakness by many entering the season, but the first two weeks have shown us a unit that has a good deal more upside than many thoughts. The 49ers are built to do some big things, and strong, consistent performances from the passing game will only boost the chances for a special season.

Give the video a view, and let me know what you think! I want to boost the video content, so make sure and subscribe to the Niners Nation Channel to get a heads-up when new videos are uploaded.