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49ers-Related Paintings, Prints For Sale

A while back I received a tweet from a gentleman named Absolon Moreau (@MoreauArt). He is an artist who was tweeted out some works he had recently done of 49ers players. From what I have seen, he is extremely talented. After the jump I've posted pictures of two paintings. One is of Justin Smith and the other is of Vernon Davis. I believe the Justin Smith painting is of him during the Saints game, but I am not positive.

Absolon is going to be starting a work of Patrick Willis, but for now he is looking to potentially sell his paintings, and also some print options. While they are a bit out of my price range, I figured I would post about them in case any of you are art collectors and looking for more paintings. Additionally, you can get a relatively inexpensive print of the Justin Smith painting.

Absolon is currently looking for $1,400 for the Vernon Davis painting, and between $500 and $600 for the Justin Smith painting. He is also offering a 16x20 version of the Smith painting for $50 plus free shipping. If you are at all interested in making a purchase, you can contact him at

Vernon Davis


Justin Smith