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Swagger and Overconfidence

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As a fan, I just went to the McDonald's of swagger, and when the cashier asked if I wanted my swagger super-sized, I jumped the counter and stole all of their swag fries. Also, the sweet and sour sauce. I'm pissed they charge 25 cents a pop for those.

But that's the attitude you have when your team is the best in the NFL. What up?! And, as a fan, that's totally appropriate. I mean, I have been talking crap for so long now with a Dodgers fan / friend on Facebook. Pretty glad the season has gone so well for me...

Fans are entitled, and they have every reason to be so. If you really sit down and think about it, there's no real reason why you should think the 49ers are more worthy of fandom than another team. You are a fan for arbitrary reasons. I'm a fan because my dad was. You might be a fan because you grew up in the ‘80s (/jealous). But, come on: no team really "represents" you better than another could. Teams change over the years way more than you do.

So, as fans, we ought to be super entitled and annoying. It's our time to shine. What? ESPN has only three articles featuring news about the 49ers? East coast bias, am I right? Never mind the fact that four years ago, we fans would have killed for one feature article on a major news outlet.

This is way different than the attitude the team should have. While I think we will beat the Vikings, this is the type of game that could be a trap game. Remember to whom the then undefeated Packers lost first a year ago? Exactly. That was a trap game. Even great teams succumb to the trap team.

Fortunately for us, there's an easy way for a team to avoid trap games: excellent coaching. The coaches need to keep the team focused. Great coaching makes a huge difference in this league, and we have it in bundles.

But me? I don't need any coaching in being an annoying fan boy who dictates his social life upon what people think of the 49ers. I plan on doing that allllll season long.