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Are the San Francisco 49ers the Best Team in the NFL?

Frankly, it's hard to ask this question on a Niners blog, but it was discussed by the NFL Live panel nonetheless, so I bring it to your attention. Entering today's game versus the Minnesota Vikings, the San Francisco 49ers (2-0) are currently undefeated and looking like the best overall team in football.

They have the league's most dominant defense -- historic even -- combined with elite special teams, and a perfect flow of offensive balance. This team has depth, leadership and superb coaching. They have all the elements in place to make a serious run at a title in 2012, and perhaps more in the future.

The 49ers are built-to-last; and this is still a new-found success, meaning there's room to grow. They seem to be constantly improving and there isn't a fathomable match-up where they could not compete for a win.

Though it's early, looking at the current landscape of the NFL -- and considering improvement from certain teams -- the 49ers still stand out as a favorite. They've recently beaten up some of the league's scarier units in Green Bay, Detroit and New Orleans, and it's gotten people talking: the 49ers are very good.

But in your perspective, are the 49ers the best team in the NFL? Furthermore, how much longer do you think they will continue to remain on top?

Share your comments below and enjoy today's game!

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