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49ers Vs. Vikings: Kyle Rudolph Must Be Stopped

Well, the 49ers got off to a rough start in the first quarter, but they seem to be rounding back into shape. Maybe it was just the early start left them a little woozy. The Vikings received the opening kickoff and Christian Ponder used tight end Kyle Rudolph to pick apart the 49ers defense. It looked like the 49ers were going to get a goal line stop, but a 4th and goal play action pass to Rudolph put the Vikings up 7-0.

The 49ers offense struggled on the first down after an initial third down conversion, but on their second series they managed to get some things going before stopping just short on a 4th and 1. They settled for a field goal and it is currently a 7-3 lead for the Vikings. The offense is showing signs of coming to life, but they will need to get things going a bit more consistently. The two big misses were high passes to Randy Moss, one of which was in the end zone. Moss probably could have jumped, but Alex also could have gotten it lower, so let's just see them get it together.