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49ers Trail Vikings 17-3: You'll Be Shocked To Note That 30 Minutes Remain

The 49ers have done very little to inspire confidence, with the defense in particular struggling to contain the Vikings offensive attack. The 49ers are better than this, but they definitely need to get in gear in the third quarter. The 49ers get the ball back and ideally they will march down the field, get themselves a touchdown and build from there.

At the same time, the upside to struggling so badly in the first half is that this is most definitely a slap in the face to get the 49ers back to reality. No team is going to roll over for another team. Well, I suppose a team trying to secure the top pick might, but you get the point. While some will call this a "letdown", it might shock some to note that the Vikings also game-planned for this one. While I thought the 49ers would win this game handily, I also didn't think they were an automatic pushover.

Whatever the case, let's hope the 49ers get their act together for the second half. There is a lot of football left this season, so it's not like a loss ends the season. But coming back after a dismal first half effort might tell us something about this team.