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49ers Vs. Vikings: Just About Everything Goes Wrong In Different Kind Of Statement

Fooch's Note: This thread is for 49ers post-game discussion. If you want to discuss the afternoon games, head to THIS THREAD.

A week or so ago, one of the 49ers players (might have been Alex Boone) told the media that whenever a player was getting a little too high, Jim Harbaugh was there to slap them back into reality. In case the players missed that, the 49ers got just that kind of wake-up call today. After coming into Minnesota with folks expecting a fairly easy and dominating victory, the 49ers head down to Youngstown, Ohio with their tail tucked between their legs. In a game that saw way too many things go wrong, the 49ers were handled by the Vikings 24-13.

The 49ers had their moments where it seemed like they might be able to get back into the game, but for every step forward, we saw the 49ers take three or four steps back. The offense would convert some third downs, and then a few overthrows result in a blocked field goal. The offense would put a touchdown on the board, and the Vikings offense would proceed to roll over the 49ers defense for a long touchdown drive.

We did see positives today, but it really does not matter when the negatives are so numerous. This was just a debacle of a performance. At the same time, given that this is only Week 3, I can live with a wake-up call at this point. This team has plenty it still needs to work on before fans can even begin to think about this team making noise in January.

It is very safe to say that this game sucked. I don't think any one player deserves more blame than anybody else, so let's avoid focusing the blame-game on one player. This was a poor performance across the board. It's as simple as that. There will be plenty to work on between now and next Sunday against the Fightin' Tebows.