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Arizona Cardinals Looking Pretty Legit In The First Half

There will be plenty of opportunities to complain about the 49ers performance, but for now, there are "developments" in the desert. At halftime, the Arizona Cardinals lead the Philadelphia Eagles 24-0. The Cardinals defense has been making plays all over the field, with the capper coming to close the half. Michael Vick and the Eagles had a third and goal with six seconds left and no timeouts. Instead of going for the easy three points, the Eagles went for it and all hell broke loose. Vick was drilled by a pass rusher and fumbled the ball, which James Sanders picked up and carried for a 93-yard touchdown return.

There is still plenty of football to go, but at this point the Arizona Cardinals in prime position to improve to 3-0. The Cardinals passing game is looking sharp and the defense is stepping up. Could these Cardinals be a legit contender in the NFC West. We can't declare the 49ers ready to run away with things in light of their performance today. There is a lot of football left to be played today and through the rest of the season, but the Cardinals are looking solid thus far. I was completely sold on the Seahawks being the top challenger to the 49ers. Maybe that is not quite the case.