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49ers Injury Report: Patrick Willis, Isaac Sopoaga Leave Game, May Be OK

While the 49ers have severely bruised egos following their 24-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, it would appear they escaped with relatively minor injury issues. Patrick Willis and Isaac Sopoaga both left the game with legs injuries, but it sounds like they were both seen walking out of the locker room without limps. Ahmad Brooks left the game at one point as well, shaking his leg, but he returned to the game.

The 49ers are off to Youngstown, Ohio now as they prepare for next Sunday's game against the New York Jets. Jim Harbaugh did not have a lot to say about the injuries after the game, and I would imagine there will not be a whole lot more tomorrow. They do not seem particularly serious at this point, although I would not be surprised to see Willis and Sopoaga at least limited for Wednesday's practice. Both are veterans who know what's what so a little rest and recuperation would not be the worst thing in the world.

We'll have more updates throughout the week, but for now things seem relatively OK with both defensive players. The 49ers have defensive depth, but we all would prefer to see Sopoaga and Willis on the field.