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49ers Road Show Moves On To Youngstown, Ohio

Following a tough loss to the Vikings, the San Francisco 49ers did not waste any time getting out of Minneapolis.

The 49ers travel to face the New York Jets next Sunday, but as they did last year, the 49ers are spending the week in Youngstown, Ohio. Last year, the 49ers played in Cincinnati, spent the following week in Youngstown and then flew to Philadelphia.

Last year's 49ers were also 2-1 when they arrived in Youngstown, but it was likely a different mentality. Both teams are trying to figure themselves out, but nobody expected big things from the 49ers at this point last year. There has been a lot of talk about how the team bonded during that trip, and how it might have been a turning point for them.

This year's team is a group that has been through last year's battles. I don't see this as much about bonding as it is about getting everybody's head on straight. I don't know if the team was getting a little too big for its britches, or what, but a few days together in Youngstown should give Jim Harbaugh time to get them refocused on the task at end. And that applies to players AND coaches. The 49ers need to head to the Meadowlands fully prepared and ready to execute the game plan.