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Jets Injury News: Darrelle Revis Has Torn ACL

We'll have plenty of breakdown from the 49ers loss to the Vikings, but for now, there was some big news out of New York yesterday. Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis suffered a knee injury in the Jets win over Miami, and Rex Ryan confirmed Revis has torn his ACL. It looks like the proprietor of Revis Island is done for the year.

The 49ers passing attack had plenty of struggles yesterday as they were not looking deep nearly enough. I'll take a look at the all-22 later this week to confirm, but from the broadcast viewpoint, the team just didn't seem prepared to do a whole lot. The Alex Smith to Michael Crabtree connection remained in tune, particularly on third downs, but the team did not seem to take enough shots down the field.

Now we'll see how the 49ers prepare for a dramatically weakened Jets secondary. Will the 49ers take more chances? Will they tighten up in the run game instead following Sunday's loss? How do you see the 49ers attacking the Jets defense?