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Report: Colts Sign Nathan Palmer Off 49ers Practice Squad

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Kyle Bonagura of CBS Sports is reporting that the Indianapolis Colts have signed wide receiver Nathan Palmer off the 49ers practice squad. Palmer was part of the 49ers final roster cuts but was quickly signed to the practice squad. As a member of the practice squad, Palmer is free to sign with any team that is willing to offer him a spot on their 53-man roster. A player cannot be signed off a practice squad and immediately placed on the new team's practice squad.

Stampede Blue took a look at the reasons for such a signing, and it all boils down to the health of wide receiver Austin Collie. The Colts receiver completed his recovery from a concussion and returned to action yesterday. However, he proceeded to suffer a knee injury that could very well spell the end of his season.

When a practice squad player is offered a contract from another team, that player will often give his own team a chance to match it. After all, the player has been working with that playbook and knows more of what is going on. Additionally, he has some measure of leverage for securing a 53-man roster spot. However, given the 49ers log-jam of sorts at wide receiver, even if Palmer inquired about signing with the 49ers 53-man roster, the chances were slim that the 49ers could find a spot.

The move does open up a practice squad spot for the 49ers, so we'll see if they fill it anytime soon.