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49ers press conference live stream: Jim Harbaugh

We provide a live stream and open thread for the 49ers Week 4 Monday press conference, featuring head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The 49ers are officially in Youngstown, Ohio and it is time to get ready for the New York Jets. Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media today to wrap up yesterday's game and look ahead to next Sunday. The team visited the Akron Children's Hospital this morning, and I imagine Coach Harbaugh will have some comments about that. He likes to point to the off-field stuff, whether it be outsiders visiting practice or some of his own off-field interests (Indy Car being one such example).

Coach Harbaugh will likely get some questions about Patrick Willis and Isaac Sopoaga, but we'll probably get the same non-answers for now. Both left yesterday's game late with varying leg injuries (Willis' being ankle-related), but all reports indicated neither was limping when they left the locker room. That's a good thing.

Adam Schefter tweeted this out a little bit ago in regards to Willis. I'd love to know what his "source" was for this info.

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We'll have a transcript tonight or first thing tomorrow.

49ers Press Conference