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49ers Vs. Vikings: Ask NN

Every week we post "Ask NN" post at the opposition blog for the coming week. It gives their fans a chance to ask questions of NN readers to learn more about the team heading into the week. Given the success of those FanPosts, I've figured out another form of Ask NN I would like to use.

We have access to NFL Rewind, which provides the original broadcast of each game, and of course the ever popular All-22 video. While we can never guarantee 100% accuracy in our analysis without access to the playbook and play-calls, this content provides chances to at least see what is going on and figure out why things happen the way that they do.

Each week, I exchange a series of emails with the other front page writers so everybody knows who is writing what. We come up with topics and see what we can develop over the course of the week. However, I would like us to get more input from you guys. Simply put, each of you has a different question or topic you'd like to see discussed. While we might not be able to put together a full-length article on every topic, I would at least like to be able to put together a mail-bag type of post answering questions that are not expanded into full-length posts.

I'll post this every Sunday after the 49ers game and then include a reminder about it Monday morning so people who aren't around on the weekend know about it. You can either post in the comments or email me at If you see someone's question in the comments and think you have an answer, feel free to reply with your thoughts. I will still answer the question in the mailbag, but this is also a sort of open discussion thread.

So drop your questions in here and we'll get something together. Some answers will include specific pictures from All-22, while others might just be a quick answer. We do not have unlimited time and resources, so while I will do my best to provide some insight for each question, I will not necessarily be able to include the specific screen-shots. It will be sort of a case-by-case basis.

An example of a shorter answer would be in regards to Kyle Rudolph's second touchdown where Donte Whitner wanted a pass interference call. There is no doubt that Rudolph gave Whitner a shove. At the same time, Whitner had a hand around Rudolph's hip before that and was pushing Rudolph when Rudolph pushed back. This strikes me as the refs swallowing their whistle to a certain extent. Well, that or not knowing what the hell is pass interference. Either way, further review does not require all-22.

I know there are other questions, and we'll be reviewing plenty of topics all week. So go ahead and drop your comments in or email me. The plan will be for a Wednesday or Thursday mailbag depending on how many questions require All-22 footage (that is generally released on Wednesday for Sunday games).