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A Modest Coaching Proposal

I take a look at why Mike Singletary should obviously come back as the 49ers head coach. Obviously.

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It was bound to happen. This Harbaugh experiment was always going to fail. It was just a matter of time. I mean, come on - last year was clearly a fluke. There's no way the 49ers can do it again with the type of coaching staff we have now.

We need to bring Mike Singletary back. Oh, and probably Jimmy Raye too.

What team starts with so many passes? It was clear that Frank Gore was going to run the ball all day long like a bell cow draped with all sorts of bells. Bells all over his bovine body. Let's start ringing those bells.

And here's what I don't understand about the game, if you are going to throw the ball, why use Alex Smith? I mean, the guy isn't even motivated. Did you see him sitting on the bench toward the end of the game? He was all sullen and morose. It's pretty clear that Harbaugh does not know how to coach QBs. Singletary would have done what any coach should do - he would have gotten in Alex's face and yelled. I mean, don't let a QB get into a mental zone by himself. That's just foolish. A good coach goes and pumps him up with yelling and mean words.

But really, the big mistake was leaving Alex Smith in the game. He just had a stinker, didn't he? I think that Singletary would have probably put in Troy Smith, who would have been way better for that game. Oh, you mean we don't have Troy Smith anymore? That's okay, Colin Kaepernick is so much better of a QB anyway. I mean with his speed and arm, he would have made a much better vertical passing attack. We probably would have won with him, actually.

But, you can't blame Alex too much. He was working with really crappy receivers. I mean, Mario Manningham? Does that guy think he is fast and can break tackles or something? We should totally cut him. Singletary would, which is why he would be awesome. Play AJ Jenkins or something. He is so young and has so much potential right now. He just needs to always be on the field so that he can learn to block for Frank Gore every offensive down. That's true learning. And, Randy Moss. That guy was sooooo good ten years ago. He should be a every down player. Harbaugh is using him all wrong.

Look, the game against the Vikings should have all showed us something: we had it so good with Singletary and now that Harbaugh been out coached for one game, we should totally freak out. Just freak out. Keep freaking out.

Nice freak out.