Ask a Jets Fan, Whiskey and Booze for the Jets Fan Base Edition!

Greetings everyone, I'm Noble_Lance, the very, very lazy as of late monkey that usually self-volunteers himself to start discussions with the rival team of the week.

So to get this out of the way because this will be the big question here. Yes Darelle Revis is an incredible blow to this team, that I belief will either unite the team to improve and be worth enough for a run at the playoffs or become an average team.

I will say this defensively I won't be able to say how to really attack the team, this will be the first game where they know now that Revis is out and they have to change their tactics. They've played the last two weeks like Revis has been there or will be there in the lulls when he hasn't so this should be an all new approach to the defense.

Anything else you want to ask, go for it, no holds bar on your game time rival this week. I said to myself that before the Dolphins game was a must win simply because of the level of competition the next two weeks [49ers+Texans] now I say this two are must win for the Jets because they need to prove they can win without Revis, and that the team can step up and be better.

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