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NFL, referees reportedly resume talks for fourth straight day

Whether or not last night's debacle in Seattle has prompted this or not, it's being reported that the NFL and the referee's union are in talks again today in what would be the fourth straight day of negotiations. Albert Breer notes that there were talks via phone yesterday, as well as discussions prior to that.

Perhaps this is a good sign of progress in the negotiations. While the NFL made a carefully-worded statement today regarding the outcome of last night's Seahawks vs. Packers game, one would think the outrage over a blatantly missed call could spark some urgency on their part.

We'll remember a few bad calls in the 49ers vs. Vikings game this past week including a questionable personal foul on Dashon Goldson on what is clearly a shoulder-to-shoulder hit, rather than a blow to the well as Jim Harbaugh's phantom fourth time-out that provided him with an extra challenge on Toby Gerhart's fumble late in the game.

At any rate the madness must end. Here's hoping today's talks bring the two sides closer together and normal football soon follows. In the meantime, check out this hilarious video parody regarding the replacement refs: