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Fantasy Football Pick 6: Week 3 Niners Nation Leaderboard, Week 4 Picks

We break down Pick 6 for Week 4, looking at everyone's rosters.

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We're back for another week of SB Nation Pick 6 picks. In case you've missed it thus far, SB Nation launched a fairly easy fantasy football game called Pick 6. You pick six players based on a salary cap and accumulate points based on various categories. We've set up a Niners Nation league so you can compete against folks around the site. You need to get your picks in before the kickoff of Thursday Night Football, so head over and do that.

My performance remains up and down, with this week being a bit more down. I put together a pretty weak performance of 111th place out of 160. This week I went with Alex Smith, C.J. Spiller, Andre Johnson, Dennis Pitta, Nate Kaeding and Frank Gore. It was not pretty.

Your top five this week were:

1. We Be Harbaughllin' - 111.8
2. richiewang - 105.2
3. red49crc - 104.0
4. Niner4eternity - 100.5
5. HeartlessMike - 100.1

If you have not joined in, I highly recommend you do so this week. You need to get picks in by tomorrow night, so go through and set your lineup. The game has been updated so you can sort every player in a position based on low and high priced guys, and also top performers from the previous week and for the season. Set your lineup and drop a comment in here with who you decided on for the week.

This week, my roster is:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB Ryan Williams
WR Demaryius Thomas
TE: Kyle Rudolph
K Mason Crosby
WC: Trent Richarson

Let's just say I have a hunch about Fitzpatrick at home against the Patriots. As for Demaryius Thomas? Aside from him being a good receiver, I may adjust my strategy to take a receiver against the Raiders secondary most weeks.

Who you got?