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49ers offensive line: How about Anthony Davis and Alex Boone?

We take a look at some comments about Anthony Davis, and how the entire 49ers offensive line is performing.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan chatted with the 49ers beat writers yesterday and he had some high praise for right tackle Anthony Davis:

Q: You mentioned Anthony Davis. Has he jumped out at you in the first three games?

RYAN: Oh yeah, no doubt. In my opinion he's one of the premier right tackles in the game. You've got a guy who's got all the athleticism that you look for. A power player. He finishes. He's good in pass protection. A tremendous athlete. I think he's got all the tools.

One thing I have noticed this season is that I really have not noticed the right side of the 49ers offensive line much this season. I say that in only the best of ways. Anthony Davis and Alex Boone have grown together and are suddenly looking like a strong duo. Davis struggled mightily as a rookie, but did show some signs of potential. He improved in Year 2, but again was still having his struggles.

After a full offseason, 2012 is looking like a potential breakout year for Davis. There was some talk about not having a full offseason last year after his rookie campaign, and maybe we are seeing proof of that. He is handling his opposition with little trouble and aside from a couple hurries, has not had much trouble thus far.

Next to him, Alex Boone has gotten off to a strong start in his first year as a guard. He has had a bit more trouble in space than Davis, but when locked in next to Davis he has done some really good work. The 49ers offensive line coaches get some crap at times, but I think this shows some of the skills they bring to the table. Boone has more or less been locked in as the right guard since March and he is doing some great work. I have to think getting all the number one snaps was a big boost for him. He is naturally athletic and it would seem to be helping him.

At some point I want to take a closer look at the left side of the line versus the right side. The 49ers offensive line hasn't been fantastic, but it has shown improvement compared to previous years. If they can maintain consistency the rest of the way, this will be a big step forward for the offense as a whole.