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Thursday Night Football game thread: Ravens vs. Browns

We open up a thread for a less than compelling matchup (minus the whole Cleveland angle)

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Ravens and Browns get together on Sunday Night Football, in a matchup that is not the most compelling of on-field matchups. We do have the old Cleveland football team angle, but even that really is not of much significant any more. Instead, we get a developing Browns squad that is still struggling mightily, and a Ravens squad that is looking like one of the better teams in the AFC.

I was big on the Ravens coming into this season, and I fully expect them to dominate tonight. I suppose the division rivalry deal could lead to a close contest, but I just don't think the Browns are good enough to hang with the Ravens in Baltimore. I think the Ravens offense will simply overpower this Browns squad. The Ravens defense still has talent, but it is not the same defense of prior years. If this Ravens team makes some noise in January, it will be because of the offense more than the defense.

In terms of watching this game, I am hoping to see a dominant effort by the Ravens. A high-flying performance in which they dominate the Browns would be one way to find some entertainment in this game. We'll see. And of course, we also get a chance to test-drive the new United version of the comments and see how the engine works.