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49ers vs. Jets to feature Tony Corrente official crew

We break down the news that Tony Corrente will be the head official for Sunday's 49ers-Jets game.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

The start of Week 4 has brought with it the return of the real NFL officials. The replacements refs handled the first three weeks, and thanks to some high profile mistakes, we eventually got the real refs back. They handled Thursday Night Football last night, and will be back in full swing this Sunday and Monday.

Prior to the lockout I had already been planning a weekly post on the official crew handling the 49ers game. The folks at provide the weekly crews for each game. Additionally, FOX Sports provides stats on officials. The stats are for this season so we can't take anything from them yet, but later in the season they will have more value. I cannot find 2011 stats at this point, but I'll keep an eye out.

For this week, Tony Corrente will be the head official for 49ers-Jets. The picture above was from his work during last year's regular season matchup between the 49ers and the Giants. It turns out Tony Corrente missed a portion of the end of last season while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment to remove a cancerous tumor from his mouth. He returned to officiate the Saints-Lions postseason game. Learn more about all the officials at