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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Sign Clark Haggans for OLB Depth

Does anyone remember yesterday, when I promised a bigger, badder, better Nuggets for this morning. Well, I go and do that, and then all of these jokers decide to take the day off. Well, I'm obviously joking, but that is truly what happened. It's the last good sleep before we have 5 1/2 months of non-stop football coverage. I'm excited. You better be as well.

The big news of the day was that the 49ers are signing Clark Haggans to back up the OLB position. It remains to be seen if this is a temporary move to add depth until we get healthy or if it's a permanent job for the ex-Cardinal and ex-Steeler. We've also got to see who gets dropped from the squad to make room for him.

And now we have the links....

James Brady has examined the 49ers roster and presents us with a breakdown on the defense. Reading it, you realize that we are deep and dangerous all around. The only position that worries me is safety, where we lack proven depth. But many a team would kill to get at our backups. | 49ers 53-man roster analysis/breakdown - the defense. (Brady)

So, as mentioned above, we're set to sign Clark Haggans to add depth at OLB. BASG even thinks that he could press Parys Haralson as the main backup at the position. One small problem is that he's subject to League discipline for a 2011 DUI. There is some indication that he won't be suspended at a hearing set for this week (though he may still be at a later date) so he should be able to play in the opener. He started all 16 games last year for the Cardinals. | 49ers to sign Clark Haggans for OLB depth. (BASG)

Alex Smith discusses his development as a QB. This is a giant Q&A session with Eric Branch of the Chronicle and it covers a lot of the lows that all of us remember from early in his career as well as some of the more recent highs. | Alex Smith Q&A: 'Just play quarterback the right way.' (Branch)

Colin Kaepernick finally got to show off some of the talent that made Coach snag him in last year's draft and dub him the future of the QB position in SF. Some of the throws he made in the preseason gave some serious hope for the team, for both now and later. | Suddenly, Kaepernick looms. (49erswebzone)

If you had 5 key questions about the team heading into the season, what would they be? Well, here is someone who has the aforementioned questions and a job as a writer. 'Will Alex Smith and the offense take the next step?' | 5 key questions heading into week 1. (yahoo!)

Big article here from Matt Barrows on Vic Fangio and the 49ers defense. Most new coaches want to watch all the film they can on their new team but Fangio took a more laid back approach. Whatever he did, it worked. | Fangio is architect of brilliant defense. (Barrows)

And that's it, guys. I didn't bother with my new lay-out scheme since there was only 6 articles. No need to categorize 6 articles. Can't wait for the season!

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