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Parys Haralson: Guarding State Secrets

Who knew a backup outside linebacker would draw this much attention! It seems like 49ers outside linebacker Parys Haralson has more or less disappeared off the face of the earth since the 49ers preseason week three contest with the Denver Broncos.

Cam Inman and Matt Maiocco provided their thoughts on Haralson and it sounds like if this is injury-related, it might have happened in the second quarter of the 49ers-Broncos game. I followed their lead and went back to the point described by Inman (10:30-ish left in second quarter). You see Haralson engaged with a blocker and then he seems to motion to his left arm. He appears to leave the field, but the camera angle I had on Preseason Live did not show anything else.

According to Inman, Haralson wasn't seen in the two practices after the game, and of course he was inactive against the Chargers last Thursday and didn't participate in practice on Saturday. So what is going on exactly? There are times where it seems like the 49ers guard injury news as if it is a state secret. I suppose in some sense it is, and that is there right to keep the lid on info. It leaves us speculating, but I suppose we are stuck with that.

Matt Maiocco brought up an interesting point regarding the new injured reserve rule. A team can designate one player that is allowed to return to practice a minimum of six weeks into the season, and to game action a minimum of eight weeks later. In order to do this, the team has to wait until Tuesday to make the move. I suppose the team could be planning on doing this if the injury is significant, but even then it seems odd to hide it this much.