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49ers vs. Jets TV schedule: Where to watch in Canada and the United Kingdom

We break down some of the international viewing options for the Week 4 contest between the 49ers and Jets.

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Earlier this week I posted about the weekly broadcast maps on, indicating where the 49ers and Jets would be broadcast in the United States. One of Niners Nation's Canadian readers inquired about where to watch the game in Canada, and that got me thinking. Since I want NN to be the go-to place for ALL 49ers news, analysis and info, I might as well try and provide international television information. Right?

I did some searching around and have found a pair of useful resources. A Canadian sports fan has taken to detailing where NFL games are being broadcast at his website, The Rouge Point. This week, the 49ers-Jets game will be broadcast in Ottawa, Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan. He re some of the other games that I believe will be airing. As far as I can tell, CTV and RDS2 are television channels. Somebody from Canada, please feel free to clarify in the comments.

Patriots @ Bills - CTV in Atlantic, Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener
49ers @ Jets - CTV in Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan
Vikings @ Lions - CTV in Winnipeg
Seahawks @ Rams - CTV in Alberta, BC
Panthers @ Falcons - RDS2

Raiders @ Broncos - SN Ontario/West/Pacific
Saints @ Packers - Citytv, SN East, RDS2

We have numerous 49ers fans over in the United Kingdom, and there will be a more limited option to watch the game. You will need NFL Game Pass, which is an overseas option for watching NFL action. I've heard nothing but good things about it from some of our UK readers.

The United Kingdom will feature several other games on Sky Sports and other channels. I'd recommend bookmarking, this NFL UK website.