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Golden Nuggets: 49ers at Jets; Previews, Prognostications and Secondhand Secondaries

Sunday, September 30, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Happy Gameday, everyone. Who's excited? Who's nervous? Who's a bit of both? Me, I've got to wake up, once again, at 3am to watch the game. It's one of those things they don't tell you about when you move to foreign lands. Oh, cultural differences, like Aussie's say 'bloke' and 'mate' instead of 'dude' and 'homey'. But what about 3am starts for the football? I want my money back!

We've got tons of coverage coming out of Bay Area SB Nation leading up to the game. I hope you are all visiting in your spare time, and not just because I'm writing there. Lot's of work going into it, so give them a read. Every click counts.

Another thing we wanted to mention here at Niners Nation is that we've read and discussed many of the complaints about linking to both Lowell and Grant Cohn articles. We had a meeting, I flew in from Australia for it, and we decided we're still going to link to the Cohn articles. There are multiple reasons for this. There is some good work that they do, transcribing interviews for one. While some of the articles seem to be written to provoke, you can always not read the Cohns. Or, as I know some of you do, you can click and read the 500 comments abusing Grant. And finally, out of respect to the Press Democrat, which has been a leading source of news and info on the 49ers for many years, we decided we should continue to link to them. If you hate it that much, you see who's name is at the end of the link, and just give it a miss. Thanks for all your feedback.

On to the links....

Week 4: 49ers at Jets

I'm leading off with my article once again, because, well, it's mine. I took a look at the mystique around the Jets defense and the stats are showing that they're not as fearsome as they once were. So far this season, against some less-than-elite offenses they compiled an underwhelming resume. And now they've lost Darrelle Revis for the season. | New York's defense no longer elite. (Malone)

James takes a look at the Niners running game and thinks they should have a big outing against the Jets. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter have the tools to exploit the Jets' weaknesses in the running game. | San Francisco just needs to execute a simple gameplan. (Brady)

It's important for us to get off to a quick start, says Kyle Bonagura at CBS Sports. Last week, against the Vikings, we looked sluggish from the start and by the time the team got going in the second half, we were one long drive away from being out of the game. | 49ers game preview: Week 4 vs Jets. (CBS Sports)

Mark Sanchez, the NFL's least intimidating starting quarterback. (Brady)

49ers key matchup No. 2: Carlos Rogers vs Santonio Holmes. (Maiocco)

49ers key matchup No. 1: Michael Crabtree vs Antonio Cromartie. (Maiocco)

Patrick Willis probable after full week of practice. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Tim Tebow's star power still intact in big apple. (Inman)

49ers wrapping up Youngstown, Ohio stay. (Inman)

Brandon Jacobs causes "circus" with comments about the Jets. (Lynch)

Jets unlikely to match Vikings' blueprint to beat 49ers. (Cohn)

Assorted News

Mike Sando has the stats for NFC West penalties. Of note: We're last in penalties against, but second in yards. Our penalties have been big ones, and often ill-timed. | NFC West penalty watch: Shifting standards. (Sando)

NFL picks, week 4: Close games on paper all around. (Brady)

49ers Anthony Davis improving fast. (Branch)

Jerry Rice on Randy Moss, 49ers' loss. (SFGate)

Mario Manningham not forgetting hometown. (Branch)

Being a Sheep

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