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49er run triple option with Colin Kaepernick [GIF]

The 49ers have gotten things going in a fairly interesting manner as they are attacking the Jets in a variety of ways. The team is attacking the secondary thanks in part to the loss of Darrelle Revis. Although the team has not connected frequently, they are not shying away from attacking the Jets cornerbacks.

The other big thing to notice thus far is the introduction of Colin Kaepernick on two plays. The 49ers brought him in on 1st and 10 on the 49ers 19. Kaepernick motioned Delanie Walker behind him into a modified version of the pistol, with a running back to CK's left (not sure if it was Gore or Hunter). Kaepernick proceeded to cut left with Walker pairing up with him. Kaepernick kept the ball himself and picked up 17 yards. Check out the GIF below.


Later in the drive, Kaepernick came back on the field and got to take a shot deep to Randy Moss. The Freak was double-teamed and the pass wound up incomplete, but it was an interesting decision at this point. As long as the offense can maintain its momentum between the two QBs, I really like the idea of getting Kaepernick a few snaps like this.