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49ers vs. Jets: Fourth quarter open thread

We take a look at the third quarter and provide an open thread for the fourth quarter.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

The 49ers and Jets entered the fourth quarter with the Jets driving, but trailing 17-0. Things quickly went south as the 49ers were able to turn a fumble into a touchdown return by Carlos Rogers. The touchdown gives the 49ers a 24-0 lead early in the fourth quarter in a game that is well on its way to a rout.

The score score is starting to indicate the one-sided nature of this game. The Jets really have looked abysmal. Mark Sanchez is fairly awful today and the Jets biggest "play" came on a kick return to mid-field. The Jets defense has been getting beat frequently as well, but some inaccuracy has kept the 49ers from completely capitalizing. That turnover though really opens this thing up.

We'll be back after the game with a recap. For now, I can say that 49ers fans are representing incredibly well at Met Life Stadium. They are obviously not a majority of the crowd, but with the 49ers controlling this game, they are being heard loud and clear.