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49ers Vs. Packers: Getting You Ready For The Season

Niners Nation has been rolling for close to six years now (time certainly does fly!), and while we try and focus on providing the best analysis and quick, breaking news, this is also as much about the community as anything else. SB Nation is built on quality content and great community and that will never change.

Each year we've developed different ways to build the community. Since we are now into game week, I thought it would make sense to get a post together with some of the things to keep an eye on that you would not necessarily see immediately on the front page.

Sports Bar/Viewing Thread

Whether you're in San Francisco, outside of Northern California, or entirely outside the United States, this thread is meant to help people connect for watching 49ers games wherever they might be. A lot of 49ers games will be on national television this year, but some will not, so sports bars are a must.

Opposing Blogs

We will have weekly FanPost at the SB Nation blog for our opponent. These can be a lot of fun given the chance to engage people we do not chat with nearly as frequently as at NN. Some sites have a one or two day waiting period to comment after you enjoy. I suggest joining blogs now, rather than having to wait down the road, the week of the game.

Prediction Contest

This has become a staple at Niners Nation. If you joined since late last season, head over to read this breakdown of the contest. If you have played before, we've made a slight tweak on scores you can predict, so make sure and re-read it.

Fantasy Football

If you are looking for one last fantasy football league, this is your last chance to find other folks who might be looking as well.