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Golden Nuggets: Clark Haggans Arrives, Preparations for Packers

Good morning, everyone. How is everything in Ninersland? Who's pumped for the season? That's a helluva first game we got dealt. But this year's going to have quite a few of those playoff caliber opponents, so why not start the year off against the best team from last year's regular season, a team that some were ready to anoint as the most dominating ever until their playoff flop, the Green Bay Packers.

Clark Haggans has arrived and is with the team now. He's got big shoes to fill. It's not the Parys Haralson is irreplaceable, but he did his job well and, as it stands, Haggans is the only backup OLB on the depth chart. Demarcus Dobbs may be able to contribute on that front in a pinch. And it isn't like Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks have been healthy through the preseason. So there is a cause for concern. Other than that, I think we're ready to go for the marquee game of the week.

And on to the links....there's a ton...literally, I weighed them. Enjoy.


On area where we may be able to take advantage of the Packers is their secondary. It's the perfect opportunity for our new and improved passing game to show off, and we have to assume that, despite our defensive prowess, the Packers are going to put up some points, so we'll need to do some passing. Go get em, boys. | Why receivers can benefit from week 1 matchup - and why they need to. (Brady)

Another area where we may be able to exploit the Packers is in the middle of their defense. Both of their DTs are recovering from injury and are dynamic, multi-faceted running game should hope to take it to them. I'd love to see Mike Iupati plow through the Pack like ... like... Mr Plow? | A soft middle? Packers DL Raji, Pickett on the mend. (Branch)

Michael Crabtree's QB at Texas Tech is Green Bay's backup QB and the two will see each other for the first time in two years. Nathan Palmer turned down offers from other teams in order to be on our practice squad. | 49ers notebook: Michael Crabtree looking forward to reunion with Graham Harrell. (CBS Sports)

Key matchup: 49ers RBs vs Packers run defense. (ProFootballWeekly)

Harbaugh hails Packers' virtues: Aaron Rodgers playing at highest level in NFL history. (Inman)

Packers - 49ers matchups: Part 1. (Cohn)

Week 1 preview: San Francisco looking to prove 2011 wasn't a fluke. (Brady)

Michael Crabtree ready to go, Clark Haggans ready for anything. (Gin)

49ers D ready for stiff test. (

49ers embrace road challenge. (

Crabtree doesn't know which Packers CB he'll face. (Cohn)

Baalke calls Rodgers the 'complete package'. (Inman)


49ers come in at no. 4, Packers at no. 1. (Brady)

2012 Power Rankings. (Yahoo!)


James Brady has a look at the depth chart heading into week 1. Of interest is that we have no backup tackles on offense. Alex Boone is of course the man to spring into action, and he'll shift to one of the tackle slots in an emergency with Leonard Davis, presumably, taking over at RG. | Examining 49ers week 1 depth chart. (Brady)

Cam Inman takes a look at the depth chart heading into week 1. Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss are listed as the starters at WR. | Crabtree, Moss (no more 'or') listed as starting WRs. (Inman)

49ers roster short on surprises (except for a certain little brother at TE). (BASG)

Deciphering 49ers depth chart. (Barrows)


Wildcat offense? That's so 2008. Welcome to the pistol offense. That's what Colin Kaepernick ran at Nevada and we may see some elements of it if/when we comes in the game this season. Here's a primer. | Could this be the 49ers newest wrinkle. (SFGate)

Here's the back story on the biggest surprise on our roster, Garrett Celek. Did you know he was a left tackle in high school? Neither did I. | Cinderella Celek: The story of the 49ers long-shot tight end. (Branch)

So, in order to make the 49ers you have to be able to play multiple positions. Will Tukuafu and Demarcus Dobbs explain why they are proud to be 'mutts'. Have you seen those dudes? I'm gonna call them hybrids. | Tukuafu, Dobbs take pride in being 'mutts'. (Maiocco)

We all knew that this year would be tougher for us, with the first place schedule and all. Then the rest of the division went and improved (Arizona possibly being the exception). It's gonna take a bit more than last year to be first across the line. | Niners' path in NFC West may be tougher in 2012. (NBC)

In case you hadn't heard, 2011 was a relatively injury free year for us. Here's another story about how crucial staying injury free will be for us in 2012. | After Parys Haralson, can 49ers avoid injured reserve use like last season? (Inman)

Parys Haralson and Clark Haggans had a chance to meet before the team picture. Haralson acknowledges that injuries are a part of football. Haggans has been in a 3-4 defense for most of his career so that should speed up the acclimation process. | Haralson, Haggans meet before heading out for team picture. (Inman)

Matt Barrows has some 49ers notes here, and in the middle of it all, it says that Darius Fleming may not be out for the year after all. We may need him if there's any sort of injury to the OLB position. | Then there were two? 49ers no longer listing multiple starting WRs. (Barrows)

Talkin' QBs -- 49ers and around the NFL. (Maiocco)

Parys Haralson tore a muscle in his arm. (Barrows)

Haggans eager to find way to fit into 49ers' picture. (Maiocco)

More self-confident Crabtree ready to start next to new wingman in Moss. (Inman)

No time like present for young QBs. (SFGate)

Crabtree: 'We have our own style.' (CSN Bay Area)

Parys Haralson loss felt by 49ers. (Inman)

What are the odds for 49ers' playmakers this season. (Inman)

Clark Haggans is eager to contribute. (


Total access: Show #3. (

Press Pass: Clark Haggans. (

Press Pass: Michael Crabtree. (

49ers ready to hit the road. (

Matt & Mindi: Preparing for Rodgers, Packers. (CSN Bay Area)

Podcast: Will the 49ers keep the Pack at bay? (

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