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Giants Vs. Cowboys: Wednesday Night Football Open Thread

Well, look who's back! Our old friend the NFL is back in action. Well, back in real action since the preseason doesn't exactly count the same way. The NFL kicks off a day early due to the Democratic National Convention, so we get a rare Wednesday night football game to get the 2012 regular season under way.

The New York Giants will open their Super Bowl defense hosting the Dallas Cowboys at 5:30pm PT on NBC. If you don't have a television or are at work, you'll be able to watch the game live online at NBC Sports' website. They provide all sorts of views to play around with during the game, so even if you are watching on television, I would recommend checking out the live online stream as well.

This matchup features two teams for which none of us have any lost love. The Cowboys remain a life-long rival, while the Giants...well, we know what's up with the Giants. While Giants fans will disagree with me, I think they're due for a bit of a regression. They could win the NFC East, but I would not be at all surprised if they were sitting at home in January. I do think they win tonight's game against the Cowboys, but it will be a long haul this season.