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49ers Press Conference Live Stream: Jim Harbaugh, Patrick Willis, Carlos Rogers

The 49ers are busy into Week 1 of the NFL regular season, implementing the game plan and getting ready for Sunday's matchup with the 49ers. As the team gets ready, they will be providing coaches and players to the media today, tomorrow and Friday before taking off to fly to Green Bay.

Today's press conferences will include head coach Jim Harbaugh, linebacker Patrick Willis and cornerback Carlos Rogers. Additionally, Alex Smith will be available at his locker, although that will likely not appear on the live stream.

Coach Harbaugh will likely get some questions about his new baby, born yesterday. Willis and Rogers will get plenty of questions about what will be a huge test with the Green Bay Packers high-powered offense. Willis will find himself busy all day against tight end Jermichael Finley, while Carlos Rogers will get plenty of work covering guys like Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings. It should make for an interesting matchup.

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We should have a transcript of his session tonight or tomorrow morning.

49ers Press Conferences