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SB Nation Pick 6 Selection Tools Have Been Updated

Yesterday, I posted about the new SB Nation Fantasy Football game called Pick 6. The game allows you to pick six players with a salary cap of money and compete against friends, fellow NN readers and SB Nation as a whole. It's quick, simply and pretty addictive.

There were a few concerns about the set-up of Pick 6 and the designers have heard your concerns and immediately made some adjustments. When you go to select a position you can now see all the players at once and sort them by highest price, lowest price, total points scored overall and total points scored last week. It makes the game that much easier, and really removes the last excuse not to play.

I strongly encourage you to try it out this week. When you go in and pick your six players, you can set it up so your score is tracked in a Niners Nation leaderboard. We've got a big group of people taking part and as they say, the more the merrier. So, make sure and get your picks in. Also, here is a rundown of rules and scoring.