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NFL TV Schedule And Broadcast Map 2012: Bookmark

I like to dole out whatever advice, tips and suggestions I can to help improve the viewing experience of all 49ers fans. If I can make one suggestion to fans outside the Bay Area, it would be to bookmark This website provides the most comprehensive look at where specific NFL games are being played each week and is updated every Wednesday during the season.

If you scroll down today, you'll see the 49ers will be on FOX in a majority of the country. Those in the Pacific Northwest and the Carolinas and East Georgia could find themselves without the game, but otherwise, you should be able to watch it.

Edggy posts a FanShot to this each week, but I'll make sure we get some front page love for because they provide an incredibly important service. It is not a big deal for the 49ers five primetime games this season, but for the other 11 weeks, you will need this kind of information. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you bookmark this page.