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Cowboys Edge Giants In Opener

The Dallas Cowboys got their season off to a 1-0 start with a 24-17 victory over the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Any win is a good win, but going on the road and getting a divisional win in the season opener has to be especially sweet for the Cowboys. They got big games from Kevin Ogletree, Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray, although Giants DB Michael Coe was sufficiently abused tonight that he deserves a special mention.

Before the game, I saw a lot of complaints about rooting for nobody to win, or rooting for a tie. While I ended up not "rooting" for either team, I did prefer to see the Cowboys win. Why, you ask? Well, I have always enjoyed the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry and personally, I would love to see the two teams meet again in the playoffs. There is a whole lot of football left to be played, but seeing the 49ers and Cowboys back at the top would make me a happy camper.

The league has enough parity and popularity that they don't really need the traditional powers to be dominant (see the emergence of the New England Patriots). And yet, there is something about seeing teams like the 49ers and Cowboys dominating that would bring back some fond (and some angry) memories. So, while I will never "root" for the Cowboys, consider me a 49ers fan that wouldn't mind seeing their resurgence, culminating in a loss at Candlestick Park to the 49ers.